Wholesale & Drop Shipping with MonsterShop

Buying MonsterShop Products at Wholesale Prices

With fast selling products, like our stunning Monster Racking, available to purchase at wholesale prices you can share in our success as a recognised distributor of our products.

Why Monster?

  • With such a diverse range of products we have mass appeal amongst retailers and wholesalers across various industries.
  • Last month alone we fulfilled over 5000 wholesale and retail orders.
  • We are dedicated to developing new products for B2B & B2C customers and our success is due to the quality of our products, the value for money we offer and our sense of competitive challenge.
  • We have offer a 5* service and know that our customers are the heartbeat of our company.

Are you an online retailer or distributor looking to expand your product portfolio? Please email wholesale@monstergroupuk.co.uk with a description of your business and what products you’re interested in.


Drop Ship MonsterShop Products

If you are part of an established company and looking to increase your online sales then MonsterShop has the array of products that you need.

Why Drop Ship?

  • No initial financial outlay
  • No need to expand your warehouse to house stock
  • All physical fulfillment is done by us
  • You can provide fast selling products across a diversity of industries

If you are interested in drop shipping our MonsterShop products please email wholesale@monstergroupuk.co.uk with a description of your business and what products you’re interested in.

Nieuwe producten
  1. Koude Vonkmachine
    Koude Vonkmachine
    Speciale prijs € 339,49 Normale prijs € 349,99
  2. BBQ Grill Rookoven - XL - Zwart
    BBQ Grill Rookoven - XL - Zwart
    Speciale prijs € 218,24 Normale prijs € 224,99
  3. T-Mech Standaard voor Autolak
    T-Mech Standaard voor Autolak
    Speciale prijs € 969,99 Normale prijs € 999,99
  4. Opklapbare Standaard voor Bokszak
    Opklapbare Standaard voor Bokszak
    Speciale prijs € 126,09 Normale prijs € 129,99
  5. KuKoo Commerciële Blikopener
    KuKoo Commerciële Blikopener
    Speciale prijs € 77,59 Normale prijs € 79,99
  6. T-Mech Gereedschapsopslagkar
    T-Mech Gereedschapsopslagkar
    Speciale prijs € 969,99 Normale prijs € 999,99
  7. Hydraulische Veerkompressor 3T
    Hydraulische Veerkompressor 3T
    Speciale prijs € 135,79 Normale prijs € 139,99
  8. Houten Hondenhokken
    Houten Hondenhokken
    Vanaf € 101,84 Normale prijs € 104,99
  9. Houten Hondenhok - Groot
    Houten Hondenhok - Groot
    Speciale prijs € 126,09 Normale prijs € 129,99
  10. Houten Hondenhok - Middelgroot
    Houten Hondenhok - Middelgroot
    Speciale prijs € 111,54 Normale prijs € 114,99

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