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MonsterShop Affiliate Program


We're happy to announce that we have now launched an affiliate program! Now we need you to help make it a success, our affiliate program is run through the Affiliate Future platform we offer as a base commission on sales 5% of the total order value and when you consider our AOV is over £200 you could get yourself some serious cash.

What does it mean to be an affiliate?

Being a MonsterShop affiliate is a great gig, for ever person you send to our website that makes a purchase we will give you a cut of our sale, so we pay you to help us get sales, It's pay on performance and the better you perform the more you earn. Top affiliates can get up to 10% commission, to reach that bracket though you will have to generate over £10,000 worth of sales each month but remember you would get 10% of that in your own pocket, a nice £1,000 for you!

How much commission could I get?

Commission varies depending on performance but as a start point you will get 5% off all sales you generate for us. The table below outlines the commission structure we have in place.

Monthly Sales

Commission %

£0.00 5%
£5,000 7%
7,000 8%
£8,500 9%
£10,000 10%

Think you're ready to join our program?

If you think your ready to join then press the button below to sign up to our MonsterShop Affiliate Program.

Please do note you will need to be signed up to the Affiliate future platform as a publisher to sign up to our program.